Hard-wearing wall and ceiling coverings made from glass yarn

Aesthetic, functional solutions for busy premises.


    NEW: AcousTherm wall covering by Vitrulan

    2015-10-26 Our lives are accompanied by sounds and noises which we may find melodious, unpleasant or even disturbing. So optimizing acoustics, both at home and in the workplace, can have a positive effect on our well-being and improve our performance and concentration.

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    The robust cellulose fleece NW130

    Cellulose-based fleeces usually require careful handling because of their brittle texture. Otherwise the results tend to be disappointing. The NW130 cellulose fleece developed by Vitrulan is different: the extra smooth wallcovering is easier to hang and gives a perfect finish.

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    Vitrulan’s “Strategy 2020”

    Marktschorgast, June 16, 2015 – Vitrulan is strengthening its competitive position and innovative capacity by updating its strategy and organizational structure. Group-wide business segments will optimize process and sales workflows and facilitate an even closer focus on customer requirements. There have also been some changes to the management board functions.

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    Vitrulan sets course for the future

    Vitrulan is changing its organizational structure to further expand business in the lucrative market for technical textiles.

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    SYSTEXX by Vitrulan used in the "w Kamienicy" dental practice in Poland

    Marktschorgast, 16.06.2014

    Just like hospitals, dental practices have to meet strict hygiene standards and regulations. A clean, sterile environment is particularly important in treatment and examination rooms.

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