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11. Technical Textiles and Composites  
Download brochure technical textiles (english)    Download imageflyer technical textiles (english) Laminates

Composites made from different products
12. 解决方案  
我们广泛的产品范围为各种产品挑战提供了正确的解决方案。无论你是打算翻新开裂或凹凸不平的墙壁,还是正在寻找室内声学问题的解决方案,还是想控制和防止霉菌的生长,不用再辛苦寻找, 在维图蓝一步提供您正确的产品解决方案。  
13. 产品信息  



14. 加入我们  
乍一看, Marktschorgast和 Haselbach两个工厂似乎是在一个偏僻的地方。但它不同 ——因为它有更多优点。 ... 还有 图林根州 我们图林根的工厂位于Haselbach,这不仅是Sonneberg 附近一个美丽的地区小镇,这个地方也以其玻璃生产和接近Rennsteig trail -…  
15. 全屋供暖系统  
WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 37232844 利用红外加热原理的智能供暖系统 与太阳一样的供暖系统 在寒冷的冬天,我们都很享受太阳照射带给我们的暖意。只需要一点阳光,我们便会很快的感受到温暖--即便是周围空气温度很低。这完全归功于来自太阳的红外加热原理。这同时也是我们V4heat供暖系统的加热原理。 …  
16. SYSTEXX Active Magnetic selected as “Solution of the Year 2022"  
SYSTEXX Active Magnetic selected as “Solution of the Year 2022” at the architecture award of Callwey Verlag, a German publishing house.  
17. V4heat 防霉系统套装  
Easy installation: Plug & play The core element of our Anti-Mold Kit is a heating fabric made of glass fibers and finished with a special carbon coating. The fabric is embedded into the…  
18. V4heat 舒适供暖系统套装  
COMING SOON: V4heat Comfort Kit Whether the attic, previously used as storage space, is to be converted into a living area or the bathroom renovated: the heating output of the existing system is…  
19. “And the Oscar goes to…”  
15.09.2021 - During the Best Of Interior Awards held by Callwey Verlag, a German publishing house, Vitrulan’s SYSTEXX Phantasy collection was awarded “BEST PRODUCT 2021” in the wall design category.  
20. 联系方式  
联系 Any questions? Our team is happy to help you and take care of your concerns personally, flexibly and competently. Contact us! Your contact person.  Or just use our contact form.  
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