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21. 提示信息  
© Vitrulan Holding GmbH. All texts, images, graphics, sound files, animations and other elements used in this website are subject to copyright and other legislation regarding the protection of…  
22. 数据保护  
Privacy Policy We are very delighted that you have shown interest in our enterprise. Data protection is of a particularly high priority for the management of the Vitrulan Holding GmbH. The use of…  
23. V4heat 全屋红外供暖系统  
Custom concepts and all-round service From concept to implementation, we help you realize your dream of a perfectly heated home. Working together with energy planners and photovoltaic…  
24. 产品应用  
资料下载: SYSTEXX水贴石英壁布 石英壁布传统安装应用 SYSTEXX水贴石英无纺布 石英无纺布传统安装应用 观看我们的视频,了解如何正确安装维图蓝石英壁布,以达到完美的效果。或下载我们的安装说明文件。 SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm SYSTEXX Active Magnetic SYSTEXX Active Magnetic…  
25. 实用工具  
Aqua Quick 3 Device (简易过水机) 该设备是专门为Aqua 水贴技术开发的低成本初级施工设备。 不适合粘结涂料 带放卷装置的塑料槽. DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTION FOR USE 清洁套装: 4色白板笔 清洁剂和抹布 白板涂料套装: 白色 或透明 双料特制表面涂层 …  
26. 基础信息  
General information Welcome to our new website! Unfortunately, it is currently only available in German. We are working at full speed on the translations and thank you for your patience. Until…  
27. 基础信息  
Information générale Bienvenue sur notre nouveau site internet! Malheureusement, le site internet est uniquement disponible en allemand pour le moment. Nous mettons tout en œuvre pour assurer les…  
28. Your contact person  

Technical Textiles and Composites


Key Account Manager Industry Germany  Kai Orfgen…
29. Obligations to provide information  
Obligations to provide information pursuant to article 13 GDPR Information we wish to share The new European General Data Protection Regulation requires us to inform you how we process the personal…  
30. SYSTEXX Active  
鉴于维图蓝石英壁布特殊的表面处理和涂层工艺,SYSTEXX Active 系列墙面体系提供了额外的功能优势。工艺优势覆盖范围从快速翻新壁布,磁性壁布和平面基布,到A2级防火壁布,净化空气的石英壁布和一体化个性定制设计的LOGO壁布等。

Active Absorb
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