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71. SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard  
SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard


72. SYSTEXX Phantasy系列: 给你梦想的空间。  
SYSTEXX Phantasy系列: 给你梦想的空间。


73. SYSTEXX Pure系列: 时间与空间的完美搭配。  
SYSTEXX Pure系列: 时间与空间的完美搭配。

SYSTEXX Pure系列给您的空间提供广阔的设计可能性。直线的设计,简洁大方的图案,让墙面恢复其简洁纯净的属性,带给您心灵一份安宁和祥和。另外,这也更有助于配套涂料的色彩体现。所有的SYSTEXX…  

74. modern walls harmony  
modern walls harmony
75. modern walls effect系列  
modern walls effect系列


  • 引人入胜的设计
  • 安装简便,与墙面结合非常牢固
  • 着色均匀,完美体现色彩效果
  • 多层滚涂后,编织纹理依旧清晰
76. ZDF 电视台, 伦敦/ 英国  

German TV station ZDF has a studio in London close to the recently renamed Elizabeth Tower (“Big Ben”) and St. James’s Park. ZDF has owned the building at 30 Old Queen Street in the City of…  

77. 理查布伦纳有限责任公司,班贝克/德国  

Whether in meetings or during lectures, projections, photos, plans or work flows, for example, increasingly need to be presented on a large surface. To facilitate this, the magnetically active…  

78. Emch & Berger设计院, 纽伦堡/ 德国  

Emch & Berger, an engineering firm in Nuremberg, plans and implements projects ranging from highway modernization to bridges and large weir and sluice systems. Large-scale construction…  

79. Gymnich 城堡,科隆/ 德国  

Just the thing for hotels: SYSTEXX wall coverings made of glass yarns offer excellent behavior during fire, protect walls from damage and can be renovated frequently. SYSTEXX Active Logo L65 is…  

80. 前美国陆军基地 , 哈诺 /德国  

As a wall covering SYSTEXX Active Reno S38 offers decisive advantages for renovation projects. Processing is economical and the product hides uneven substrates. This special wall covering was used…  

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