Interior fit-out

Vitrulan products can be used in various ways in interior fit-out and have a long-term positive effect on living comfort. There are numerous application possibilities, from wall coverings with imaginative designs and functional properties to woven mesh fabrics for wall reinforcement to innovative infrared surface heating.


Straight lines, well-defined textures and perfectly smooth surfaces: with the different purist designs of SYSTEXX Puremodern walls harmony and fleece, you create a calm ambience and deliberately enhance the purist look of your walls.

Wall coverings from the SYSTEXX Phantasy and modern walls effect series provide the right eye-catching touch. From the deepest jungle to vast, barren desert landscapes, the opulent designs and exciting, large-format patterns turn entire rooms or accentuated walls into the highlight of every home, office or hotel room. 

In addition to expressive glass fabrics, you will also find exciting Effect Print designs under SYSTEXX Phantasy and Pure SYSTEXX Phantasy and Pure. Extremely fine sand is applied to a perfectly smooth glass fleece with a special printing technology and creates impressive effects that vary depending on how the light falls on the design.

Vitrulan wall coverings offer countless design options for your rooms. The various designs are the ideal basis for creative color combinations or fancy spatula techniques. For design inspiration, we have listed possible color combinations for some wall covering motifs under SYSTEXX Pure and Phantasy.



Wherever you are, in the kitchen, in the office or in the children’s room: SYSTEXX Active Magnetic and SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard wall coverings are virtually invisible as their functional properties accompany you in everyday life. The magnetic reverse side means that magnets adhere to walls featuring these easily applied wall coverings. What is more, SYSTEXX Active Magnetic products can be transformed into writing surfaces with a whiteboard coating , making them ideal info boards to quickly jot down an idea or leave a loved one a little message.

This is even simpler with the SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard. It is available with either a matt or glossy whiteboard surface and can be used immediately after application without the need for any additional painting. 

Under SYSTEXX Active, you will find more glass fiber wall coverings with additional practical features:

  • The SYSTEXX Active FireProtect range comprises non-flammable glass fiber wall coverings with fire resistance class A2-s1, d0, which provide additional fire protection.
  • SYSTEXX Active Absorb glass fiber wall coverings improve indoor air quality thanks to their formaldehyde absorbing coating.
  • Glass fiber textured wall coverings for fast refurbishment can be found under SYSTEXX Active Reno.
  • Put your own company logo on the walls: with SYSTEXX Active Logo, the No. 1 glass fiber wall covering for brand-conscious customers.
  • For those who like it somewhat quieter and want to cut heating costs, the wall coverings in the SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm range optimize room acoustics and help save energy.

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Fire resistant

Of course, we hope that fire never breaks out. But what if it does due to a technical fault or carelessness? In that case, every second that a product hampers the spread of fire counts towards saving one's own life or the lives of others. Because it is not only the fire that is dangerous – but above all the rapidly spreading smoke, which causes a loss of orientation and uses up the remaining oxygen. Heavily frequented facilities in particular must provide adequate protection to allow sufficient time for evacuation in the event of fire.

Many glass fiber wall coverings available under the SYSTEXX and modern walls brands are certified to fire class B-s1, d0 and are therefore ”flame retardant".

In conjunction with the corresponding system adhesive "SYSTEXX Active FireProtect Glue”, the four SYSTEXX Active FireProtect products even go one step further. They combine the outstanding technical properties of glass fabrics with a non-combustible coating, thus achieving fire class A2-s1, d0, which means they are ”non-combustible"!

Depending on the intended use, Vitrulan woven mesh fabrics can be provided with a flame-retardant or non-combustible finish so that they contribute specifically to the fire protection of buildings.

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Extremely robust and hard-wearing

In both public and private areas, walls are subject to constant wear and tear – it is easy to scrape a wall with a chair or bump into one when carrying something.

Glass fabrics act as a protective shield for walls because they are not only abrasion and scrub resistant but also impact and perforation resistant. The glass fiber wall coverings from the SYSTEXX and modern walls ranges withstand mulitple impacts of up to 20 kN (= theoretical impact weight 2t) and are 10x more resistant to penetration than commonly available non-woven fiber and PVC wall coverings. Tested in accordance with DIN EN 259-2 and DIN EN ISO 6603.

Damage is also caused by cracks forming in the masonry, which can be triggered by constant fluctuations in temperature and other environmental factors. 

Due to their excellent technical properties, glass fiber wall coverings are also suitable for reinforcing walls and ceilings or bridging cracks and can thus help to prevent the formation of new cracks as well as the spread of existing ones.

Woven mesh fabrics are most effective against the formation of cracks, as they have a high force absorption potential and simultaneously low elongation. Even fluctuations in temperature or humidity have no negative impact on the reinforcing effect.

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Where indoor well-being is concerned it goes without saying that wall coverings must not contain any toxic substances and in best case even have a positive effect on the indoor climate.

This is where Vitrulan glass fiber wall coverings come into play. They are made from purely natural raw materials, are Oeko-Tex certified, water vapor permeable and highly breathable. They are also suitable for allergy sufferers and, unlike tiles, can be installed without any visible joints or seams, thus providing no breeding ground for bacteria or fungi.

In many areas such as dental practices, retirement homes, hospitals or school canteens, absolute hygiene is a key requirement. Walls must be easy to clean and disinfect. With the right coating, Vitrulan wall coverings withstand cleaning agents and disinfectants and are also abrasion-resistant. 

Formaldehyde is a also a particularly common pollutant that is released into the indoor air by a lot of everyday materials over a long period of time but degrades only slowly. Even when inhaled in small quantities, it can lead to reduced concentration, headaches or nausea. This is where the products from the SYSTEXX Active Absorb range provide effective help. Thanks to a special finish, they permanently bind the formaldehyde released into the indoor air and thus ensure cleaner and purer room air compared to conventional wall coverings.

Another factor that can lead to sleep problems, malaise and headaches are the consequences of electromagnetic radiation, known as electrosmog. Even diseases of the cardiovascular system, changes in the blood count or cancer are associated with electrosmog.

To specifically protect areas from this, Vitrulan has developed what is known as the E-Shield-Fabric.  A special metallic yarn woven into the E-shielding fabric attenuates electromagnetic radiation, especially in the frequency range of cell phone networks, and is thus beneficial to human well-being.


Mold prevention

Mold often grows behind wardrobes and other pieces of furniture unnoticed for a long time and can trigger many illnesses, from allergies to asthma. Once discovered, removing mold is often a time-consuming and costly process – not to mention the reduction in home comfort during the period of renovation.

The V4heat Anti-Mold Kit effectively prevents condensation and hence the formation of mold. The system controls itself by means of a temperature sensor, ensuring a constant wall temperature that stops mold formation in its tracks. Operating it is child’s play: once connected, the thermostat and control systems take over and automatically adjust the heating.


Extremely efficient

In many public areas, renovation work requires a lot of organization, for example in the healthcare sector, where patients cannot simply be sent home for a few days or where emergency cases cannot be turned away “due to renovation”. SYSTEXX glass fiber wall coverings featuring Aqua Technology can be installed so quickly and with so little mess that renovation can take place during normal business hours! These wall coverings feature an adhesive that is already applied to the back and can be activated by just adding water. This not only eliminates dirt and debris, it also drastically cuts work time! 

SYSTEXX Active Reno is especially easy to install. This glass fabric features a special woven pattern that visually levels uneven substrates. It has a deliberately irregular, textured look and is particularly suitably for direct application over old wall coverings on surfaces in need of renovation, such as textured plaster up to 2 mm or old glass fabric. On request, it is also available with adhesive applied to the reverse side and in a pre-pigmented version.

Coating pre-pigmented wall coverings is just as simple. The product is supplied with white pigment already applied to the fabric, so one coat is usually sufficient for lightly tinted matt or eggshell finish paints.

For interior reinforcement, it is also important to work as efficiently as possible. As little material as possible should be used without minimizing the reinforcing effect. At the same time, it is important that the product lies flat to ensure easy application. Custom manufacturing options enable Vitrulan woven mesh fabrics to be developed and produced for the specific area of application. This allows the adjustment of material consumption in line with requirements and at the same time the creation of a uniform fabric appearance. 


Infrared Surface Heating

Renovation, refurbishment or new build – these are all scenarios where the question ”What heating system is best suited to my house/apartment?” is raised.

Our V4heat Complete System makes this question an easy one to answer, because we plan the optimum heating system for your property together with you based on electric infrared surface heating! To operate our V4heat heating system, you do not need a tank for gas, oil or pellets, or any bulky radiators or a thick layer of screed. All you need are the electrical supply lines to the heating tracks. You decide which rooms are heated and how: you can have underfloor heating in the bathroom and ceiling heating above the desk in your home office or wall heating in the children's room – the V4heat heating systems ensures maximum heating flexibility.

Integrated in your home automation system, you can also control the rooms with your smartphone or tablet while on the move.


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