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From sleep problems and malaise to headaches, the potential health effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation, known as electrosmog, are manifold. Even diseases of the cardiovascular system, changes in the blood count or cancer are associated with electrosmog.

Certified according to ETAG 004, the patented woven E-Shield-Fabric has been engineered for use as reinforcement in exterior insulation and finish systems.

The fabric is interwoven with special metal threads that enable it to effectively attenuate electromagnetic radiation, especially in the frequency range of mobile phone networks.

The high-quality synthetic finish applied to the woven glass mesh fibers makes them alkaline-resistant to the render/plaster system.

Technical parameters

Grammage:175 g/m²

Mesh size: 3.5 x 4mm

Fabric width: 100 cm

Roll length: 50 m

Article no.: SZ.4420GZ/45

Typical properties

Tensile strength (max.) mean value \[N/5cm]:
Warp/weft - ≥ 1750 / 1750

Strength after alkali treatment mean value \[N/5cm]:
warp/weft - ≥ 50% / 50%

Elongation (max.) mean value \[%]:
warp/weft - 3.9 / 3.9