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Knauf’s canteen, Iphofen/DE

SYSTEXX Cleaneo SYSTEM delivers superior acoustics in Knauf’s canteen

Between its head office and a research and development building, Knauf Gips KG, Iphofen, recently built a brand-new staff restaurant with seating for 200 persons, including a modern canteen kitchen, lounge, and twelve meeting rooms.

This new building is not only the global company’s response to the constantly growing number of employees, it is also being used to present the company’s own products in the best possible way – live and in action, so to speak – on the walls and ceilings.  

Naturally, the SYSTEXX Cleaneo system, a joint development by Vitrulan and Knauf, was the product of choice for the ceilings of the meeting rooms along the north side of the building – equipping the rooms not only with cutting-edge acoustics but making them a modern visual highlight with their smooth surfaced ceilings. The highly absorbent acoustic ceiling with a sound absorption coefficient αw of 0.85 was suspended using what are called nonius hangers fixed to Cleaneo Classic perforated panels covered with the special sound transparent Cleaneo SYSTEXX Silent fleece using a gluing process developed specifically for this system. The result was a homogeneous surface that is visually indistinguishable from a conventional, smooth ceiling, but acoustically effective. The ceiling edges were finished with shadow joints.

A variety of additional Knauf products were used in the other rooms: various classic perforated ceilings as acoustic ceilings in meeting rooms, a 3D corrugated ceiling in the lounge, printed non-combustible gypsum fiberboards and Knauf diamond boards in the dining room.



Knauf canteen
Am Bahnhof 7
97346 Iphofen


Cleaneo SYSTEXX System