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Cleaneo SYSTEXX Acoustic Board:
acoustic board with fleece (shadow joint necessary) or foil (no shadow joint necessary)

Cleaneo SYSTEXX Dots: adhesive dots

Cleaneo SYSTEXX Silent: acoustic wall covering

Our lives are accompanied by sounds and noises which we may find melodious, unpleasant, or even annoying. Based on physics, psychology, and materials science, acoustics is the study of the development, generation, and propagation of sound and how it can be influenced. In room acoustics, it is primarily a question of creating a harmonious environment and reducing reverberation. So optimizing acoustics can have a positive effect on our well-being and improve our performance and concentration.
Featuring a sound absorption coefficient of αw 0.80 – 0.85 and a constantly high absorption of low to high frequencies, this ceiling system achieves maximum absorption performance while meeting the high requirements of modern architecture.

To fulfill their individual purpose, rooms must have the right acoustic balance: Mozart does not sound like AC/DC, the noise level in nurseries is different from that of libraries. And in lecture halls, the students in the back rows should ideally be able to hear what’s going on. Sounds are many and varied, but so are the rooms where life is staged. First-class acoustics are therefore always tailored to individual requirements. Contact us. Our acoustics experts will help you find the ideal solution for your project!

Every component of the Cleaneo SYSTEXX system has been individually developed and the components perfectly attuned to each other. A special Cleaneo acoustic perforated panel provides the basis. A sound-permeable wall covering with a perfectly smooth glass fleece surface is applied to the panel using a dry gluing process. The result is a white, homogeneous surface that blends perfectly into any architectural style. 


Download "Cleaneo SYSTEXX System" folder

Download "Cleaneo SYSTEXX System" technical datasheet

Download tender text Cleaneo SYSTEXX System (.pdf/.rtf) 


The new Cleaneo SYSTEXX System meets the highest quality standards, both visually and acoustically. Proper precessing is necessary to ensure this. It is therefore only carried out by staff trained and certified by Vitrulan. A list of certified painters, sorted by postcode, can be found here:

Malerfirmaet Wiinblad, Tavleager 9, 2670 Greve (Denmark),

Dalum Spartel & Maler IVS, Elisabeths Allé 31, 5250 Odense SV (Denmark),