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21. Wind power  
Low weight Rotor blades for wind turbines are continuously being increased in size and their design refined to achieve greater efficiency in power generation. The weight of the blades also…  
22. “And the Oscar goes to…”  
15.09.2021 - During the Best Of Interior Awards held by Callwey Verlag, a German publishing house, Vitrulan’s SYSTEXX Phantasy collection was awarded “BEST PRODUCT 2021” in the wall design category.  
23. Scrims  
Vitrulan produces a special type of scrim based on rovings.The scrims can be manufactured from various materials such as glass, carbon, polypropylene (PP), polyester (PES) and polyamid (PA), or as…  
24. Contact  
Contact Any questions? Our team is happy to help you and take care of your concerns personally, flexibly and competently. Contact us! Your contact person. Or just use our contact form.  
25. Legal notice  
© Vitrulan Holding GmbH. All texts, images, graphics, sound files, animations and other elements used in this website are subject to copyright and other legislation regarding the protection of…  
26. Data protection  
Privacy Policy We are very delighted that you have shown interest in our enterprise. Data protection is of a particularly high priority for the management of the Vitrulan Holding GmbH. The use of…  
27. V4heat Complete System Surface Heating  
Custom concepts and all-round service From concept to implementation, we help you realize your dream of a perfectly heated home. Working together with energy planners and photovoltaic…  
28. Application  
Downloads: SYSTEXX glass fabric with Aqua Technology Glass fabric for traditional application SYSTEXX glass fleece with Aqua Technology Glass fleece for traditional application Watch our…  
29. Tools  
Aqua Quick 3 Device (tabletop unit) This device was specifically developed as a low-cost entry-level model for Aqua Technology. Based on the technology used for the Aqua Quick I device, it consists…  
30. 404  
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