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31. General information  
General information Welcome to our new website! Unfortunately, it is currently only available in German. We are working at full speed on the translations and thank you for your patience. Until…  
32. Information générale  
Information générale Bienvenue sur notre nouveau site internet! Malheureusement, le site internet est uniquement disponible en allemand pour le moment. Nous mettons tout en œuvre pour assurer les…  
33. Your contact person  
Heating Systems
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Technical Textiles and Composites
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wall coverings
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34. Obligations to provide information  
Obligations to provide information pursuant to article 13 GDPR Information we wish to share The new European General Data Protection Regulation requires us to inform you how we process the personal…  
35. Multiaxial non-crimp fabrics  
NCF/mat combinations can be manufactured in widths from 10 to 250 cm and are a combination of non-crimp fabric and chopped strand mat. To assemble a multiaxial NCF, the non-crimp fabric is…  
36. Technical fabrics  
Woven rovings made of carbon offer outstanding technical properties and low grammage, which enables a wide range of applications in the field of component parts made of fiber-reinforced…  
37. Knitted fabrics  
Knitted fabrics consist of parallel courses of threads that are joined to each other by interlocking loops. This enables the production of high elastic and tear resistant textile fabrics. The…  
38. Laminates  
Laminates based on open mesh fabrics knitted from glass or polyester fibers not only excel in flatness, uniform fabric appearance and low thickness; depending on the fiber material used, the…  
39. Special products  
Made from heavy duty, alkaline-resistant woven glass fiber fabrics, corner beads are ideal for reinforcing building corners and window reveals. Featuring a high degree of stability, they can be…  
40. Woven mesh fabrics  
Woven mesh fabrics Woven mesh fabrics are either produced from E-glass yarns and rovings or polyester yarns. Thanks to individually developed coatings, they offer numerous advantages for use as…  
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