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The interior designers and architects that make up the judging panel for the AIT Innovation Award Architecture + Office 2020 have made their decision: Cleaneo SYSTEXX System has won an award!  
62. Vitrulan Group buys glass fiber reinforcement business from Ahlstrom-Munksjö  
Vitrulan Composites Oy, new subsidiary of the Vitrulan Holding GmbH and part of the ADCURAM Group signed the contract on November 21st, 2019 to take over the glass fiber reinforcement business in…  
63. “Green Invest” sponsorship program Haselbach, January 2019  
Vitrulan Technical Textiles is participating in the “Green Invest” sponsorship program of the Thüringer Aufbaubank (Thuringia Reconstruction Bank) as part of the pressure drying conversion project.  
64. Cleaneo® SYSTEXX® System  
[Translate to English:] Vitrulan – Cleaneo® SYSTEXX® System Aesthetics meets acoustics: perfectly smooth acoustic ceilings. A project with Knauf Gips KG.  
65. International Textile Summer School visits Vitrulan  
Marktschorgast, 25 July 2018 – The “International Textile Summer School”, which was organized by Campus Münchberg of the Hof University of Applied Sciences in July 2018, offered international…  
66. Cooperation between Vitrulan and Knauf  
Marktschorgast/Iphofen, January 2019 – A long but successful development is now complete and the sales collaboration between Knauf and Vitrulan is bringing top acoustic performance and a visually…  
67. V4heat GmbH becomes new member of the Vitrulan Group  
Marktschorgast, 29 October 2018 – The Vitrulan Group has established an additional company, which will enable it to capture new business segments and take another major step towards the future. The…  
68. SYSTEXX Active Absorb  
SYSTEXX Active Absorb

Clean air is essential for our health. However, particularly when renovating or refurbishing rooms, you may be exposed to hazardous substances that lots of materials emit…  

69. SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm  
SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm

Our lives are accompanied by sounds and noises which we may find melodious, unpleasant, or even annoying. So optimizing noise levels, both at home and in the…  

70. SYSTEXX Active FireProtect  
SYSTEXX Active FireProtect

Certified system of four products that all achieve an A2-s1, d0 fire rating when hung with the corresponding system adhesive SYSTEXX Active FireProtect Glue – in…  

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