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Completely hygienic

Uncompromising hygiene is a decisive factor in the healthcare sector. Whether in the operating theater or the examination room: walls must be easy to clean and disinfect. Unlike tiles, glass fiber wall coverings and glass fleeces do not have any visible joints or seams and thus do not provide any breeding ground for bacteria or fungus. With the right coating, the wall coverings withstand cleaning agents and disinfectants and are also abrasion-resistant.

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Damage resistant

Emergency room and hospital corridor walls must be able to withstand constant wear and tear. Glass fabrics act as a protective covering for the walls and absorb impact, thereby protecting the walls from damage. SYSTEXX glass fabrics can withstand multiple impacts of up to 20 kN (= theoretical impact weight 2t) without damage and are 10x more resistant to penetration than commonly available non-woven fiber and PVC wall coverings. Tested in accordance with DIN EN 259-2 and DIN EN ISO 6603.

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When it comes to health, wall coverings obviously must be free of harmful substances and ideally have a positive influence on the indoor atmosphere. Glass fiber wall coverings are manufactured from 100% natural raw materials. Moreover, they are Oeko-Tex certified, water-vapor permeable and highly breathable. SYSTEXX Active Absorb features a special finish that enables it to absorb harmful formaldehyde from indoor air.

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Quick renovation – even during normal business hours

There is virtually no other segment in which renovation work requires as much organization as the healthcare sector. Hospitals cannot simply send patients home for a few days or turn away emergency cases “due to renovation”. SYSTEXX glass fiber wall coverings featuring Aqua Technology can be installed so quickly and with so little mess that hospitals can now renovate during normal business hours! These wall coverings feature an adhesive that is already applied to the back and can be activated by just adding water. This not only eliminates dirt and debris, it also drastically cuts work time!

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Always up to date

Shift schedules, operating times, room assignments – a great deal of information must be constantly updated and shared among staff members. Conventional “bulletin boards” are rarely able to effectively manage all of this data. With a magnetic wall covering that also offers whiteboard functionality, loose slips of paper and thumbtacks are finally a thing of the past and staff always have access to the latest information in a single, central location.

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