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Information and Organization

From public buildings to industrial companies: there is always a need to provide information to visitors, employees and guests. Under ideal circumstances, this information would be available in a central location visible to everyone. But the long-serving “bulletin board” can quickly devolve into a disarray of various slips of paper and notes – and pinboards like these can be an eyesore in a modern office building. SYSTEXX Active Magnetic and SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard wall coverings fit in virtually invisibly with the wall design. Thanks to the magnetic back, standard magnets stick to the wall, which makes sharing and reorganizing information quick and easy.

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Presenting and Working

A typical meeting scenario: one colleague is giving a presentation using slides on a screen and attempts to delve deeper into the subject matter by drawing sketches on a flip chart. Another colleague has jotted down some ideas on paper and tries to show them to the group. The SYSTEXX Active Magnetic system lets you combine all these presentation forms with ease: the wall acts as a presentation surface for the projector, the sketches can be pinned directly to the wall thanks to its magnetic back and you can draw right on the whiteboard coating.

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Employees spend a great deal of time in the office, which makes a healthy indoor atmosphere an important factor in office space planning. Glass fiber wall coverings are manufactured from 100% natural raw materials. Moreover, they are Oeko-Tex certified, water-vapor permeable and highly breathable. SYSTEXX Active Absorb features a special finish that enables it to absorb harmful formaldehyde from indoor air.

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