Apartment in downtown Kulmbach

SYSTEXX Phantasy and Pure in new builds: design meets living comfort

Glass fabric wall coverings are not just the best choice for renovations! In new builds, glass fabric not only serves to meet the highest design requirements, but it also protects building materials from wear and tear, thus retaining property value in the long term. 


Initial situation: new construction of a condominium according to the KfW 55 energy efficiency standard

The residential complex in downtown Kulmbach comprises two houses with nine apartments each. In the spacious one-bedroom apartment on the ground floor, the owner decided to use various SYSTEXX glass fabrics to ensure that the walls are protected over time against cracks and normal wear and tear, and to realize his personal design preferences.

SYSTEXX Pure Silk 060 on walls and ceilings

The ceilings and wall surfaces were to retain a more discreet look, making this almost smooth, fine fabric wall covering the ideal choice. Painted in a light shade of gray, the rooms radiate style and elegance. What is more, the glass fabric protects the walls from the cracks that occur in new builds due to settling and its water vapor permeability ensures a wonderful indoor climate.

SYSTEXX Phantasy Jungle 087 as a design feature in the living room

The owner opted for the “Jungle” design in combination with a subtle light gray finish for the walls in the spacious, open-plan living room. Depending on the incidence of light, the exciting woven pattern either becomes the focus of attention and lends the room a very special atmosphere, or it remains discreetly in the shadowy background. By using the room lighting selectively, the play of light can be controlled very deliberately and the room can be set in any desired mood.

SYSTEXX Phantasy Desert 083 in a brilliant color as an eye-catcher in the bedroom

The “Desert” design was used on all the walls in the sleeping area. The combination of light colors and a wall in bold blue, set off by a lighter frame, makes the room look larger and creates a perfect setting for the sleeping alcove.

The result:

Our customer’s desire for almost smooth ceilings and walls as well as the eye-catching accentuation of individual walls and rooms was realized perfectly. Using the glass fabric also made it possible to comply fully with all technical requirements such as wall reinforcement and a healthy indoor climate. 



in downtown Kulmbach


SYSTEXX Pure Silk 060
SYSTEXX Phantasy Jungle 087
SYSTEXX Phantasy Desert 083


approx. 230 m² ceiling and wall surfaces