Children’s Memorial Health Institute (CZD), Warsaw/PL

SYSTEXX glass fleece in the Children’s Memorial Health Institute (CZD) in Warsaw

Child-friendly design combined with the most stringent technical requirements

Decorative wall finishes in hospitals are primarily a functional challenge: walls must be easy to clean and able to withstand aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants; in addition, they are exposed to high mechanical stresses.

As with all clinics and hospitals, at the Children’s Memorial Health Institute (CZD) in Warsaw, Poland’s largest pediatric hospital, there are more challenges to contend with than the merely functional ones: the aim is to promote recovery using all available means, and to make a stressful stay in hospital as pleasant as possible for the patients.

To address these challenges, our partner Woiczech Drag, painting and decorating expert, artist, and owner of Medical Design, has come up with an exceptional solution: he has child-friendly motifs printed on Vitrulan glass fleeces and uses them to decorate the walls in hospitals, from the entrance area to corridors and the operating theater.

The colorful graphics inspire the young patients to explore the myriad details and invent stories around them, thus distracting the children from the hospital routine. In addition, the decorative artwork also serves as orientation in the maze-like hospital complex. Each floor and each ward has its own dedicated theme. The wards are connected by the "metro" – a system of colored lines, much like a subway. All you have to do is follow your metro line and then "disembark" when you reach the jungle, the Arctic or the flamingos. And you’re there! 

Being in hospital will never be fun. However, the fantastic wall murals created by Woiczech Drag can help create a relaxing atmosphere, making the young patients’ stay in hospital more pleasant. Last but not least, thanks to the excellent technical properties of SYSTEXX glass fleeces, the walls are well protected and easy to clean.

The renovation was supported by the Children’s Heart Foundation (Fundacja Serece Dziecka)



Instytut „Pomnik - Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka
(The Children’s Memorial Hospital)
Al. Dzieci Polskich 20
Warsaw, Poland


Vitrulan glass fleece


Medical Design Studio
Dabrowskiego 300
60-406 Poznań, Poland

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