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北普法尔茨医院 , 威登 /德国


Hospitals in particular rely on the clear presentation of information to everyone on their staff to ensure quality patient care. To address this challenge, the new, magnetically-active SYSTEXX Active Magnetic M22 glass fleece was chosen for the meeting and nurses’ room at the “Klinikum Nordoberpfalz” (North Upper Palatinate clinic) in Weiden.

Initial situation: Lack of information clarity and overreliance on loose sheets of paper

Whether shift schedules, work instructions or information on medication to be administered: All of this information is essential in the hospital routine. To date, this information was either distributed throughout the hospital or posted to walls with adhesive strips. The aim was to create a central location to provide doctors and nursing staff with clear, quick access to the relevant data and information.

Solution: SYSTEXX Active Magnetic M22

The hospital envisaged a new information wall that would blend as discretely and unobtrusively as possible into the overall design of the room, which doubles as a nursing staff room and meeting room. This is why the clinic chose the completely smooth SYSTEXX Active Magnetic M22 glass fleece. Since it comes with a magnetically-active back, magnets stick to the front. Plans, lists, posters and notes can be easily posted or removed without leaving any trace. The magnetically-active back is patented by Vitrulan and is non-conductive (preventing leakage current) and does not affect the use of cell phones or WiFi . Even multiple applications of paint do not impair the magnetic performance.

Result: Clearly arranged information and tidy rooms

Lose sheets of paper are now a thing of the past in the clinic. Employees have access to all of the information they need right from a single, central location. Thanks to its smooth surface, the magnetically-active wall blends in with the rest of the room so well it is nearly invisible. Daily notes can be posted and arranged quickly and easily to ensure that the most important information catches the reader’s eye at first glance.



Kliniken Nordoberpfalz AG Weiden
Söllnerstraße 16
92637 Weiden, Germany





  • Magnetically-active for inconspicuous presentation areas
  • Non-conductive
  • Economical: Easy maintenance due to long renovation cycles
  • Patented



防火等级: B-s1, d0 – 难燃级别