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07/20/2021 The Vitrulan Group, headquartered in Marktschorgast, signed the contracts for the acquisition of the textile glass activities of PD Industriegesellschaft mbH Glasfaser Brattendorf on 07/19/2021, thus expanding its production capacity for wall coverings made from glass fiber fabrics and glass fleeces.

The plant in Brattendorf previously belonged to the Preiss-Daimler Group and will in future trade under the name Vitrulan Glasfaser Brattendorf GmbH. The Brattendorf (Auengrund) site in Thuringia has around 70 employees on the payroll and at present produces some 15 million square meters of decorative glass textiles a year. In addition to wall coverings made from glass fabrics and glass fleece, the range also includes mesh fabrics for reinforcement.

“This latest acquisition will allow us to once again significantly increase our existing production capacity in the area of (glass fiber) wall coverings, supply our customers even faster, and produce with greater flexibility,” explains Ralf Barthmann, CEO of the Vitrulan Group. “We look forward to working with our new colleagues from Brattendorf and are delighted to welcome them to the Vitrulan Group!”

Vitrulan currently has a workforce of around 470 employees at two locations in Germany and one in Mikkeli, Finland. The group generates net sales of about 90 million euros with complex decorative textiles based on glass and technical fabrics made of glass fiber and carbon. Apart from glass fiber wall coverings, the company also produces technical textiles made from glass, plastic and carbon fibers as well as modern infrared surface heating solutions based on glass fabrics. In 2016, the Munich-based industrial holding company ADCURAM Group AG acquired a majority stake in the Vitrulan Group as part of a succession plan and has been vigorously expanding it ever since. At the end of 2019, for instance, the group acquired what is now Vitrulan Composites Oy in Mikkeli, Finland. “Following the takeover and successful integration of Vitrulan Composites Oy in Mikkeli, Finland, with the Brattendorf plant, we have now been able to add a further important asset to the Vitrulan Group as part of our buy & build strategy,” says Henry Brickenkamp, board member of ADCURAM, “This move will enable Vitrulan to further expand and consolidate its strong market position.”


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Brief profile of the PD Group

The Preiss-Daimler Group is an owner-managed, multinational group of companies with a broad range of services in the areas of glass fiber, refractories as well as landfill and environmental protection. The group’s affiliates are export-oriented and have over 2,300 employees around the world.

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Brief profile of ADCURAM

ADCURAM is a private industrial group. It acquires companies with potential and further develops them in an active and sustainable manner. In total, the financially strong industrial holding company has 300 million euros at its disposal for new acquisitions. The industrial holding company has a team of 40 experts to drive the strategic and operational development of its subsidiaries. Five subsidiaries and around 3,000 employees generate a global turnover of more than 500 million euros.

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