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Textile silo construction

Vitrulan has a range of various products for the manufacture of textile silos, which make them more than just highly resilient, giving them a long life-span. Food-safe fibers can also be used for manufacture without any difficulty.

High resilience

Textile silos must be made of particularly resilient materials to withstand the forces they are subjected to on a daily basis.

Vitrulan technical fabrics can be made from various materials depending on the intended use. As a result, the required technical parameters such as maximum tensile strength or optimal elongation and shrinking behavior can be met.

Multiaxial non-crimp fabrics or NCF tapes can also be used in the winding process. Thanks to their dimensional stability and the possibility of individually aligning the fibers used, multiaxial non-crimp fabrics are able to withstand high mechanical forces.

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Food safe

When storing and processing food, the storage containers used must meet special requirements, as they are not permitted to contain toxic substances or influence the odor or flavor of the stored goods.

Since we use food-safe polyester (PES) or polypropylene (PP) fibers, our technical fabrics can be used as the base material in the manufacture of textile silos in the food sector without any problems.

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