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Thanks to special finishes and other coatings, SYSTEXX Active wall coverings offer additional functional benefits. The products range from renovation fabrics, magnetic fabrics and glass fleeces, to a class A2 rated fire-protection solution, glass fabrics that help clean the air or the Logo fabric with integrated custom designs.
SYSTEXX Premium wall coverings are woven using the innovative Jacquard weaving technique, offering superior strength combined with a wide variety of designs. In our vast selection of small to large-scale organic, mineral or graphic motifs, you will find the ideal design for any room of any size.
From unobtrusive to robust – SYSTEXX Comfort wall coverings are available in beautiful classic textures. Create perfectly smooth walls with our Aqua glass fleeces. The SYSTEXX Comfort line impresses with its outstanding technical and ecological benefits – just like the entire SYSTEXX range.
Smooth acoustic ceilings
Traditional acoustic ceilings are often not an option for modern room concepts due to their appearance. And perfectly smooth walls and ceilings are extremely reverberant, resulting in unpleasant acoustics. The new Cleaneo SYSTEXX system addresses exactly this challenge and makes the impossible possible: top acoustic performance combined with a perfectly smooth and attractive surface finish.