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Aqua Quick Machine (stationary device)

Specifically developed for installing water-activated wall coverings. Unlike pasting machines, there is no need for time-consuming cleaning, as only the water has to be drained off once work is completed. The device is supplied with an analog meter counter.

Note: The Aqua Quick stationary device is not suitable for applying dispersion adhesive.


Work Table

Recommended side table for the Aqua Quick stationary device and/or work table for the Aqua Quick tabletop unit device.

Dimensions: 100 x 61 x 3 cm / Height adjustable from 73 to 94 cm, 4.0 kg

Aqua Quick Device (tabletop unit)

This device was specifically developed as a low-cost entry-level model for Aqua Technology. Based on the
technology used for the Aqua Quick stationare device, it consists of a plastic tub with unwinding unit.

It is not suitable for applying dispersion adhesive.



For smoothing down the wall covering quickly, ensuring bubble-free application.

Whiteboard Finish for M22 and M39

Magnetic wall coverings, concrete walls, or even table tops – with SYSTEXX Whiteboard Finish all smooth surfaces are given an additional function: they can be written on and wiped clean again and again.

The Whiteboard Finish Set is tested and recommended for use with SYSTEXX Active glass fleece M22 and glass fabric M39. It is available in white or transparent. Like chalk on a blackboard, it can be cleaned again after being written on either with the board markers supplied or any other suitable whiteboard markers, creating dynamic spaces for presentations, discussions and brainstorming. Then simply wipe off to reveal a blank wall that is ready to be used for something else, such as a projection surface.

Click here to download the technical data sheets.

    Whiteboard Finish Set:

    • White or transparent
    • 2-component special finish
    • Application, marking and cleaning accessories

    Whiteboard Finish single can:

    • White or transparent
    • 1 l composite can containing 800 ml paint and 200 ml hardener

    Cleaning Set:

    • Whiteboard markers in 4 colors
    • Cleaning spray and cloth

    High-performance corner beads

    This bead is suitable for all glass fabrics and wall coverings and is available with a straight or rounded edge.

    It creates clearly defined outside corners, protects fabric and corners from damage and withstands even higher levels of wear and tear. Since it covers damaged or uneven corners/edges, the bead also facilitates the installation of the fabric.