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At Vitrulan, the year 2021 is all about water

Water is an element that can certainly be described as a shape-shifter: as solid, stable ice, it lasts for many millions of years in the form of glaciers; in liquid form, it covers over 70% of the earth with oceans and gigantic rivers such as the Amazon, or bathes entire landscapes in mystical light as mist. It is our planet’s most valuable resource and the sole reason why life is possible at all. Water provides us with tremendous energy in all its forms: whether as hydroelectric power for electricity generation, a source of beauty, health, and joie de vivre, or spectacular natural forces such as Niagara Falls or the geysers on Iceland.

The color of water is no less versatile. Depending on how the light falls and the time of day, it can be completely transparent or shimmer in fascinating shades of blue and green. When the sun comes out after a downpour and its rays hit the finest water droplets, a beautiful rainbow is created that makes us pause and enjoy the moment.

Especially in times like these, we dream of holidays by the sea, white sandy beaches, and shimmering turquoise oceans that make us forget gray everyday life. But a mountain holiday is not entirely without water, either. Regardless of whether it’s an ice-cold, glacier-blue mountain lake, or water settling as snow on rooftops and glistening as it reflects the light: it is impossible to imagine a dream holiday without it.

Envision your space with SYSTEXX glass fabrics and fleeces

While holidays on foreign shores were only possible to a limited extent last year and probably also this year, SYSTEXX enables you to bring dreams of faraway places into your own home. Wall coverings are the basis for whatever ambience is desired: just as water can be quiet as well as thunderous, walls can be given an expressive or discreet look. Depending on the color scheme, for example, the Effect Print glass fleece SYSTEXX Phantasy Waterfall EP08 can create a delicate rippling sensation or imitate a rushing waterfall with strong colors.

SYSTEXX Phantasy Icecubes 077, on the other hand, combines perfectly with the cool colors of a glacier or an enchanting winter landscape and brings the clarity and purity of pure ice into your home at a comfortable room temperature.

SYSTEXX Pure glass fleeces provide the ideal basis for a wide range of design options. Its perfectly smooth surface allows you to conjure up the full palette of a rainbow on the walls using painting and spatula techniques entirely as you please.

Cover your walls and do good at the same time

In Europe, we enjoy the luxury of being able to use water to apply wall coverings, but tragically one in three people on this planet still have no access to clean drinking water. In our anniversary year, we at Vitrulan therefore not only want to celebrate properly, but also wish to make a meaningful contribution: for every square meter of SYSTEXX with Aqua Technology sold in 2021, 0.5 cents will flow into the well construction project of the Global Aid Network (GAiN) organization in Africa.

Join us by sponsoring a well and give the people there access to safe drinking water!