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Electrical insulation

The products used in the insulation of electrical components, such as cables or transformers, must meet special requirements to ensure the best protection. Depending on the intended application, Vitrulan technical textiles offer special protection against knocks and vibrations, are extremely robust and at the same time flexible, and can be provided with various properties.

Maximum strength and flexibility

The insulation of electrical cables must be particularly flexible but also tear-proof and resistant to forces it is subjected to such as knocks and vibrations.

The same applies to the external casing of electrical transformers in order to provide the core with sufficient protection against any kind of knocks and vibrations. In the worst case, these could have a negative impact on performance.

Vitrulan technical fabrics succeed in unifying different material properties in one product by using various combination options. This means that the right product can be developed and produced for whatever application is intended.

For example, a technical fabric impregnated with resin can be inserted under the external casing of the transformer to better absorb the mechanical forces it is subjected to, leaving the actual transformer core undamaged.

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Customizable properties

Depending on what the products are to be used for, special heat, UV or alkali resistance as well as self-extinguishing or flame-retardant properties are essential and can significantly extend their life-span.

Vitrulan technical fabrics can be provided with different coatings to give the product additional properties in line with what is required.

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