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Our wide range of products offers the right solution for all kinds of challenges. Whether you plan to renovate cracked or uneven walls, or are looking for a solution to indoor acoustic problems, or want to control and prevent mold growth, The search is over – one click takes you to the right product.

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Cracked walls

Cracks in walls and ceilings are not just eyesores; when they spread, they can jeopardize the entire wall structure over time. This is why it is critical to either take preventative measures ahead of time or, at the very least, act quickly when they occur.

Robust and aesthetic: SYSTEX and modern walls glass fiber wall coverings offer attractive designs, are extremely hard-wearing and help prevent the spread of shrinkage and hairline cracks because of their high tensile strength.

Whether indoors or outdoors: When embedded in new wall plastering or to bridge and hide existing damage, our robust reinforcement mesh fabrics reliably protect against the formation of hairline, shrinkage, alligator or joint cracks and cracks caused by dynamic construction processes.

Fire protection

Of course, we hope that fire never breaks out. But what if it does due to a technical fault or carelessness? In that case, every second that a product hampers the spread of fire counts towards saving one's own life or the lives of others. Because it is not only the fire that is dangerous – but above all the rapidly spreading smoke, which causes a loss of orientation and uses up the remaining oxygen. Heavily frequented facilities in particular must provide adequate protection to allow sufficient time for evacuation in the event of fire.


Our lives are accompanied by sounds and noises which we may find melodious, unpleasant, or even annoying. So optimizing noise levels, both at home and in the workplace, has a positive impact on our well-being and improves our performance and ability to concentrate.

Smooth walls

Human touch is extremely sensitive; the skin is the largest organ in the human body. Through touch we are able to identify a wide range of different materials and surfaces. We use our sense of touch every day – for instance to tell whether a piece of fruit is ripe, whether a piece of clothing is scratchy or soft, or to feel the quality of a product. When we touch an object, receptors in our skin register a number of different characteristics, including its size, texture, softness and temperature.

Immaculate and beautiful: SYSTEXX and modern walls glass fleeces can be hung without any visible joints. The resulting smooth surface makes an ideal foundation for decorative coatings and stucco techniques. The glass fleece also holds its shape well and can be repainted countless times.

The particularly fine SYSTEXX Pure Silk 060 glass fabric bridges existing cracks and effectively prevents new ones from forming. The result is a virtually smooth wall that is protected against damage from knocks and scrapes. This makes SYSTEXX Pure Silk 060 particularly suitable for high-traffic areas.

Presentation surfaces

Wherever you may be, whatever you are doing – in a creative meeting, duty scheduling, or simply playing and letting off steam – ideas need space. With the SYSTEXX Active Magnetic range, you no longer have to make do with unwieldy flipcharts, bulky magnetic boards or a jammed projection screen. The system blends in with the overall design of the room, is virtually invisible, and yet meets all requirements. It has a magnetic, write-on/wipe-off surface and is suitable for projectors.

Custom design

Custom, lively interior design plays an important role not only for highly brand-conscious companies, hotels and banks. Even high-traffic buildings and institutions appreciate the value of making a positive impression. Whether universally applied throughout the building or as an eye-catcher in individual rooms, designers want their efforts to be memorable.

SYSTEXX Active Logo enables businesses to showcase their company logos on wall coverings. Whether as a large-format eye-catcher or as a pattern featuring many small images, the special Jacquard weaving technique makes it possible to incorporate almost any type of image and logo, including non-geometric shapes.

High-tech glass fiber wall coverings featured in the SYSTEXX Phantasy line also benefit from the Jacquard weaving technique. These product lines offer attractive designs with a cozy feel and are highly stable and resistant to wear and tear. These designs add a surprising level of depth that effectively gives walls a third dimension and a distinctly elegant appearance.

Mold control

Corners, particularly on exterior walls, are the areas most vulnerable to mold growth: warm air meets a cold wall, condensation occurs and mold begins to spread.

Mold can grow behind cupboards and other furniture for a long time without being noticed, often causing any number of illnesses ranging from allergies to asthma.

Once discovered, removing mold is often a time-consuming and costly process – not to mention the decline in indoor environment quality during the renovation period.

The V4heat Anti-Mold Kit effectively prevents mold formation. Using a temperature sensor, the system controls itself, ensuring a constant wall temperature that stops mold formation in its tracks. End user control is unnecessary – simply turn on the system and the thermostat takes care of the rest fully automatically.

Clean air

Clean air is essential for our health. However, particularly when renovating or refurbishing rooms, many materials emit hazardous substances that can damage your health. Even breathing in just small amounts of these substances can reduce your ability to concentrate and trigger headaches or nausea.

Saving energy

Energy consumption and, consequently, heating costs are playing an ever greater role in room heating. While everyone had access to firewood and coal in the past, today we want to heat for long periods at low costs and comfortable temperatures.

Uneven walls

Renovation work is not just time-consuming and expensive, work materials left lying around can often compromise daily business. Substrate preparation is usually the most time-consuming task of all. Whether removing old wall coverings or filling in and sanding down uneven areas.

SYSTEXX Active Reno S38 and SP38 wall coverings feature a special woven pattern that optically equalizes uneven substrates up to 2 mm. Both products come with Aqua Technology, meaning: the adhesive is already applied to the back and must only be moistened. Carrying around glue containers is now a thing of the past.

Moreover, SYSTEXX Active Reno SP38 is already pre-pigmented and light colors generally only require one coat.

Do you have a highly specialized task?

Our team is happy to advise you and help you find the perfect product. 

And if it’s not (yet) in our product range, then we will gladly work with you to develop a solution to meet your requirements!

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SYSTEXX Active Absorb

Absorb takes in pollutants and binds them permanently

SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm

AcousTherm creates pleasant room acoustics while saving energy

SYSTEXX Active FireProtect

FireProtect is a non-flammable system that achieves an A2-s1, d0 fire rating

SYSTEXX Active Logo L65

Wall covering based on glass fabric and customized with your own company logo

SYSTEXX Active Magnetic

For invisible, magnetic presentation surfaces of all shapes and sizes

SYSTEXX Active Reno

Glass fabric with a special woven pattern that visually compensates uneven substrates

modern walls fleece

Wall coverings for immaculately smooth walls

SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard

The quickest and cleanest whiteboard

SYSTEXX Phantasy: Envision your space

Opulent designs, fascinating and large-size patterns 

SYSTEXX Pure: In tune with space and time

Straight lines, well-defined textures and perfectly smooth surfaces

modern walls harmony

Glass fiber wall coverings for subtle wall designs

modern walls effect

Glass fiber wall coverings with striking designs

Phantasy Bamboo 050: The largest blade of grass in the world

Phantasy Bamboo 050: The largest blade of grass in the world

Phantasy Diamond Dust 072: Sparkling like a diamond

Phantasy Diamond Dust 072: Sparkling like a diamond

Phantasy Stardust 073: Infinite Space

Phantasy Stardust 073: Infinite Space

Phantasy Icecubes 077: Ice-cold fascination

Phantasy Icecubes 077: Ice-cold fascination 

Phantasy Versailles 080: At the court of the Sun King

Phantasy Versailles 080: At the court of the Sun King 

Phantasy Orient 082: Tales from a thousand and one nights

Phantasy Orient 082: Tales from a thousand and one nights 

Phantasy Desert 083: A place of extremes

Phantasy Desert 083: A place of extremes 

Phantasy Stars 084: So far and yet so near

Phantasy Stars 084: So far and yet so near 

Phantasy Jungle 087: Adventure and wilderness

Phantasy Jungle 087: Adventure and wilderness 

Phantasy Icecubes EP77: Ice-cold fascination

Phantasy Icecubes EP77: Ice-cold fascination 

Phantasy Waterfall EP08: Dramatic water scenes

Phantasy Waterfall EP08: Dramatic water scenes 

Pure Designs for perfectly smooth walls

Pure Designs for perfectly smooth walls

Pure Designs 004 - 075 - 604 - 650

Pure Designs 004 - 075 - 604 - 650

Pure Designs 608 - 633 - 635 - 639

Pure Designs 608 - 633 - 635 - 639

SYSTEXX Pure Stripes: Stripes are always in

SYSTEXX Pure Stripes: Stripes are always in

Pure Skyline EP88: City lights

Pure Skyline EP88: City lights

Woven mesh fabrics

Strengthened woven mesh fabrics with numerous technical properties for use as reinforcement fabric.

Technical fabrics

Unidirectional woven fabrics, woven rovings made from glass or carbon, coating carriers and filtration fabrics as well as other products for special applications.


Laminates combine the superior technical properties of different product layers in a single product.

modern walls tech

fiss-net reinforcement fabrics for indoor walls and ceilings.


Glass fiber and cellulose wallcoverings for the DIY sector

modern walls

Wide range of glass fiber wall coverings for traditional application.