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From sleep problems and malaise to headaches, the potential health effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation, known as electrosmog, are manifold. Even diseases of the cardiovascular system, changes in the blood count or cancer are associated with electrosmog.

Certified according to ETAG 004, the patented woven E-Shield-Fabric has been engineered for use as reinforcement in exterior insulation and finish systems.

The fabric is interwoven with special metal threads that enable it to effectively attenuate electromagnetic radiation, especially in the frequency range of mobile phone networks.

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Woven mesh fabrics with thermoplastic finish

Woven mesh fabrics with thermoplastic finish can be deep drawn and formed to any shape thanks to a special coating.

The forming temperature can be set within a specific range and is typically above 90 °C.

Woven mesh fabrics with a heat-sealable finish

Woven mesh fabrics with heat-sealable finish are often combined with different substrates to produce laminates and are used for reinforcing and stabilizing fleece materials, foils and paper. This type of woven glass mesh fabric can simply be bonded by applying heat and surface pressure without the need for an additional adhesive. Once the activation temperature of the special coating has been exceeded, the coating not only softens, but also produces a strong adhesive effect.

Corner beads

Made from heavy duty, alkaline-resistant woven glass fiber fabrics, corner beads are ideal for reinforcing building corners and window reveals. Featuring a high degree of stability, they can be used with any render/plaster system, forming neat and true corners while offering perfect edge protection. The coarse mesh also makes them suitable for use with coarse-grained mineral systems.

We offer two different types depending on the application:

  • Preformed corner beads with reinforced angle to produce a straight edge in areas subject to heavy wear and tear

  • Flexible corner beads with predefined mesh angle for ease of use. Supplied on rolls, the bead can be cut to the required length to reinforce building corners and window reveals

Custom reinforcement products

Are you looking for the right “reinforcement” for your product?

In collaboration with you, we develop a solution – tailored to the relevant production process and technical requirements of the finished product.

Simply use our contact form to describe your project. Our team is happy to help and will contact you immediately.

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