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Woven mesh fabrics

Woven mesh fabrics are either produced from E-glass yarns and rovings or polyester yarns. Thanks to individually developed coatings, they offer numerous advantages for use as reinforcement fabric: from robust and heavy to fine-meshed and lightweight.

Properties of woven mesh fabrics:

  • High tear and tensile strength
    Woven mesh fabrics offer improved flexural and breaking strength and higher protection against mechanical stress. Due to their structure and the raw materials used, they are stable in the event of temperature and humidity fluctuations and offer increased resistance to initial tearing and tear propagation.This prevents cracks from forming and appearing on the surface.  
  • Alkali resistance
    Thanks to its alkali resistance, the woven fabric is protected from aging and loss of performance, while offering maximum compatibility with mineral and dispersion-based materials.
  • Uniform fabric appearance and low thickness
    The uniform appearance of the woven mesh fabric acts as a coat thickness indicator and ensures controllable material consumption. This also promotes a homogenous surface finish.
  • Excellent flatness and stiffness
    Woven mesh fabrics are extremely flat and stiff, which makes working large surfaces more efficient while ensuring process capability and reliability.
  • Application-specific weight and flexibility
    Woven mesh fabrics are flexible for ease of handling, yet dimensionally stable. They adapt perfectly to the substrate, thus ensuring good workability. Due to their low weight, they even support lightweight constructions.
  • Finishing options
    • Different hardness grades
    • Non-combustible / flame retardant
    • Formaldehyde-free
    • Halogen-free
    • Heat-sealable
    • Self-adhesive on one side
    • Electrically conductive coating
  • Customizable
    Special tints, printed logos or custom roll dimensions possible

Custom reinforcement products

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