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V4heat Complete System

Whether you plan to refurbish, renovate, or build a new home – we design together with you the ideal heating system for your project based on infrared electric surface heating!

To operate our V4heat heating system, you require neither a tank for gas, oil or pellets nor the installation of bulky radiators or a thick layer of floor screed. All you need are the electrical supply lines to the heating tracks. You decide where each room is heated: underfloor heating in the bathroom, ceiling heating above the desk in your home office and wall heating in the children's room – V4heat ensures maximum heating flexibility.

Integrated in your home automation system, you can also control the rooms with your smartphone or tablet while on the move.

Upgrade yesterday’s buildings with tomorrow’s technology!

Renovating an existing building fitted with individual fireplaces, electric storage heaters, or an old central heating system can be particularly costly. Whether you opt for floor, wall, or ceiling heating, you can install your new heating system directly below the surface.

With less than 0.6 mm thickness it is incredibly thin. Embedded in plaster coats as thin as 3 mm, it offers unbeatable diffusion permeability, ensuring the walls remain “healthy”. Since the heating system weighs less than 250 g per square meter installed area, you don’t have to worry about exceeding the ceiling load.

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Custom concepts and all-round service

From concept to implementation, we help you realize your dream of a perfectly heated home. Working together with energy planners and photovoltaic specialists alike, we plan all projects in close cooperation with home owners, architects or building designers. Whether you are a property developer or prefabricated house manufacturer, we will be happy to advise you in the areas of installation, design, system selection, compliance with the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), and overall energy concept

Our heating design calculations include

  • heating load calculation
  • room-specific planning
  • installation plans with dimensions
  • design of the electrical cabinet