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Production options

When it comes to the production of technical fabrics, the possibilities are almost endless. Whether woven rovings made of glass or carbon, technical fabrics as coating carrier or for filtration, the production options are vast:

  • Traditional mesh structures with leno weave technique or as drebfabric (DORNIER EasyLeno®-2T)
  • Compact and closely woven fabrics with air-jet or rapier weaving machines
  • Warp beam weaving and creel feeding possible

Woven roving (glass)

Woven rovings made of glass are compact constructions with a high material weight for applications that require particularly high strength and low deformability.

For best compatibility with the resin systems employed in the composites, roving materials with different sizings are used.

Woven roving (carbon)

Woven rovings made of carbon offer outstanding technical properties and low grammage, which enables a wide range of applications in the field of component parts made of fiber-reinforced composites.

Carbon is chemically inert and thus highly resistant to most acids, alkalis and solvents, and absorbs virtually no water.

Woven fabric tapes

Thanks to special tape weaving machines, it is possible to manufacture fabric tapes in the required width with a stable selvedge.

In addition, reinforced extra wide fabrics can be cut lengthwise with widths varying subject to customer requirements.

Woven mat combinations

Woven mat combinations can be manufactured in widths from 10 to 250 cm and are composed of at least two layers. Most common combinations consist of a woven roving that has been stitch-bonded to one or several layers of chopped strand mats.

This laminate receives its stiffness and strength from the woven roving while the mat ensures a smooth surface. Customized combinations are always possible.

The thickness and stiffness of the woven mat combination can be easily and efficiently increased. The product is just placed into the desired mold and wetted with resin, which also increases productivity.

Woven mat combinations are used in boatbuilding, in the sports and leisure sector, in the transport sector and in sewer rehabilitation as well as in different industrial applications.

Coating carriers

Fabrics woven from glass fiber or synthetic yarns are used in a variety of ways in the coating industry.

The specific material properties of the coating carriers mean that the technical parameters of the coated membranes, such as maximum tensile strength or elongation and shrinkage behavior, can be tailored perfectly to the intended application.


Filtration fabrics

Filtration fabrics made of glass or synthetic materials for solid/liquid separation, hot gas or particle filtration.

The materials are selected for the different fabric constructions in line with the desired filtration effect and resistance.

A wide range of filtration fabrics can be produced – from open supporting fabrics used in the production of needle-punched fleece for hot gas filtration to highly dense fabrics for solid/liquid separation.

Custom reinforcement products

Are you looking for the right “reinforcement” for your product?

In collaboration with you, we develop a solution – tailored to the relevant production process and technical requirements of the finished product.

Simply use our contact form to describe your project. Our team is happy to help and will contact you immediately.

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