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Vitrulan scrims are divided into two groups: lightweight scrims for reinforcement that feature a particularly flat and open structure, and heavy-duty scrims made of roving material ideal for high force absorption. 

Lightweight scrims

Vitrulan open polyester (PES) and glass scrims feature a 0°/90° orientation and offer excellent force absorption in longitudinal and transverse directions.

To keep the weft and warp layers in place, they are bonded with application-specific binders such as SBR, EVA or acrylate.

Scrims are the reinforcement of choice when as flat and open a structure as possible is required. For example, they are ideal for reinforcing bitumen and synthetic membranes that are bonded together without using additional adhesives.

Heavy-duty scrims

Vitrulan produces a special type of scrim based on rovings.The scrims can be manufactured from various materials such as glass, carbon, polypropylene (PP), polyester (PES) and polyamid (PA), or as hybrids of these materials.

In line with what is required for the intended application, the fiber axis of these scrims can be oriented in different directions to ensure optimal absorption of the occurring forces.

Custom reinforcement products

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