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Intelligent heating with infrared heating fabric

Heating inspired by the sun

We all love that pleasant warm feeling when the sun shines. It only takes a little sunshine to create an instant feeling of warmth and comfort – even if the surrounding air is freezing cold. This effect is triggered by the infrared rays emitted by the sun. It is precisely this natural principle on which we modelled development of the intelligent V4heat heating system!

Compared to traditional heating systems that heat the ambient air which subsequently heats the furniture, walls, and floors, infrared radiation has a direct and immediate impact on these objects and, of course, also the human body. The desired room temperature is reached much more quickly, which is also more energy efficient. In combination with a photovoltaic system and a suitable storage tank, this system enables you to cut down on heating costs while contributing to the preservation of our environment.

State-of-the-art functionality

V4heat surface heating is a reinforcement fabric made of glass fibers, which is also used for façade insulation or plaster reinforcement. It can be embedded in various materials and becomes invisible after installation in the wall, ceiling, or floor. Boilers, tanks, or disturbing radiators are a thing of the past.

The fabric is extremely damage resistant, thus allowing a dowel to be inserted into the wall to hang a picture, for example. The V4heat heating system is operated with safety or separated extra-low voltage (SELV). The DC voltage is safe to touch and does not produce any electro smog.

Smarter living

With V4heat heating system solutions you are well equipped for the future! Integrating it in your home automation system is of course possible. No matter if you are returning from your holidays or leave work for home earlier than usual: simply set the desired time and temperature via smartphone app – when you walk through the door, you can enjoy the comfort of a warm home! The heating fabric is based on a glass fabric with a highly active, conductive coating and protective finish. Manufactured in Germany, it meets the highest quality standards.



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