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Vitrulan Group

As a group, we are independent, future-oriented, and quick to make decisions. The scope and speed of our strategic development and our willingness to take risks will continue to be guided by commercial prudence and financial solidarity in the future. Vitrulan is set to continue its successful development independently. United under the umbrella of the Vitrulan Holding GmbH, the Vitrulan Group brings together the operative companies Vitrulan Textile Glass GmbH, Vitrulan Technical Textiles GmbH, Vitrulan Composites Oy and V4Heat GmbH, and is shareholder of and service provider for the subsidiaries by taking on central tasks regarding e.g. finances, controlling and information technology.

Vitrulan Textile Glass GmbH

Product range: Traditional and innovative wall and ceiling coverings made of spun glass yarn

Vitrulan Textile Glass uses finely spun glass yarn to weave extremely robust, hard-wearing, sustainable and versatile wall coverings. Not only do we offer a wide range of classical designs, we also focus on the continuous development, production, and sale of wall coverings with innovative additional functions.

Sustainability in interior design and premium product quality are hallmarks of our textile glass fabrics.

Headquarters: Marktschorgast/Bavaria  

Management: Ralf Barthmann

V4heat GmbH

Product range: heating solutions based on infrared surface heating

The V4heat GmbH stands for the development and sale of intelligent infrared heating systems. We remain true to “glass” as a versatile material: the innovative V4heat surface heating solutions are based on glass mesh fabrics similar to those it produces and uses as reinforcement fabrics in construction. Engineered for a virtually infinite number of heating possibilities, they can be used to heat walls, ceilings or floors, to renovate mold-infested areas or prevent mold growth.

Headquarters: Marktschorgast/Bavaria

Management: Ralf Barthmann

Vitrulan Technical Textiles GmbH

Product range: Textile technical solutions for construction, reinforcement, insulation and sealing. Vast product range including fabrics, scrims, and laminates based on glass and polyester.

Vitrulan Technical Textiles stands for high-tech based on glass and plastic. Our vision is to offer our customers added value for their applications as well as premium and innovative materials on today’s and tomorrow’s international markets. Our quality and technology leadership and our strong customer focus combined with the exceptional services we offer set us apart from our competitors. 

Headquarters: Sonneberg/Thuringia 

Management: Ralf Barthmann

Vitrulan Composites Oy

Product range: highly stressable glass and carbon-based reinforcement fabrics for various applications like wind energy applications as well as marine and transportation applications

Vitrulan Composites Oy stands for the development and production of special, highly stressable glass and carbon-based reinforcement fabrics complements the technical textiles range of the Vitrulan Group and offers new application fields for new target groups.

The plant in Mikkeli produces among others reinforcing fabrics, multiaxials and specialities for wind Together with our energy applications, marine, transportations, tanks and pipes as well as in various other product sectors.

In close cooperation with our customers, we develop products perfectly tailored to their individual requirements while working continuously on optimization.

Headquarters: Mikkeli / Finland 

Management: Ralf Barthmann