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Weft-knit fabrics

Knitted fabrics consist of parallel courses of threads that are joined to each other by interlocking loops. This enables the production of high elastic and tear resistant textile fabrics.

The warp and weft threads of our weft-knit fabrics can be made of glass fiber or polyester yarn, whereas the binding threads are always made of polyester yarn.

The resulting open mesh structures are reinforced with various binder systems on a direct finishing line.

Due to their high tear and tensile strength, knitted fabrics made of glass fibers are ideal as reinforcement mesh for marble and natural stone slabs or for use in knitted fabrics/fleece laminates. The latter are used for laminating insulation materials such as rock or glass wool.

Polyester knitted fabrics offer additional elasticity that enables them to adapt perfectly to the forces they are subjected to, making them ideal for use in roofing and waterproofing membranes.