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Since filter media are subjected to considerable daily wear, it is important to reinforce them sufficiently. Vitrulan produces special support and protective fabrics that have the necessary strength and stability. Customized technical textiles for solid/liquid separation, hot gas or particle filtration can also be designed according to customer requirements.

Strength and stability

For applications in wet filtration, where solid-liquid separation takes place, the filter medium used must be able to withstand the strong, continuous, and constantly fluctuating pressure forces which are sometimes at work.

By introducing a support and protective fabric in the form of a woven mesh fabric, the filter is given the necessary stability and strength to ensure a long service life.

In particle filtration (air purification), the glass or cotton mats used can also be additionally reinforced and protected by means of a woven mesh fabric. They have the advantage of being easy to handle so as to make assembly at the customer’s end as efficient as possible.

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Excellent thermal and chemical resistance

During hot gas filtration in incinerators, the filter media is sometimes exposed to high temperatures or chemical vapors.

Vitrulan filtration fabrics can be produced from various raw materials such as glass, polyester HT, aramid and other synthetic fiber materials and thus tailored to specific requirements.

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