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Resin flow products

Resin flow products offer a simple and efficient way to produce laminates with a high glass content and good mechanical properties.

This enables reliable and easy reproducibility of parts that require high dimensional accuracy. Thanks to the reliable reproducibility, they are ideal for particularly challenging applications, e.g. in the marine and wind power industry as well as in the transport and construction sector.

HighFlow by Vitrulan

HighFlow by Vitrulan is an innovative fabric that optimizes the impregnation of the dry NCF package during the resin infusion process and helps to produce composites faster and more efficiently.

One of its uses is in rotor blades for wind turbines and the marine industry.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Facilitates full wetting of the fabric and minimizes air bubbles
  • Maximizes resin infusion with 300-500% faster process speeds for the total laminate structure
  • Adjusts infusion speed to the relevant component-specific infusion in line with component type 


Multiflow products are exclusively suitable for use in closed mold applications and demonstrate superior mechanical properties.

By combining a flow medium with single- or multilayer structural reinforcements, such as multiaxial non-crimp fabrics or woven textiles, Multiflow products can be individually configured and offer higher mechanical properties than traditional Combiflow products.


Good resin flow is critical for a successful infusion process. X-FLow products have been specifically optimized for resin flow permeability, enabling faster mold filling while ensuring complete impregnation thanks to a unique channel structure incorporated into the material.

One layer of X-flow helps to wet several layers of standard reinforcements.

Combiflow / Combiflow-D

Combiflow products are special reinforcements that are usually made up of three layers. Chopped fibers are applied to both sides of a resin-permeable synthetic flow medium and then stitched together. Since no binders are used in the manufacturing process, Combiflow products feature excellent drapability, provide good resin flow and can be combined with a wide range of resins.

The good drapability of Combiflow products enables the production of complex mold shapes without wrinkling or the creation of resin-rich areas that can be prone to subsequent cracking.

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