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AcousTherm 233

AcousTherm 233

AcousTherm 904

AcousTherm 904

SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm


Whether or not we feel comfortable in a particular room or situation depends on a number of different factors. Temperature and noise are particularly important. We usually find excessive heat, cold and noise unpleasant and disturbing. A balanced indoor climate and optimum noise levels have a positive impact on our performance and on our ability to concentrate. Of course, what we regard as a comfortable temperature varies from one person to another. In general, however, the less we move, the higher the temperature needs to be for us to feel comfortable. So, if we want to spend the evening on the sofa after work, being able to heat the living room quickly is a big advantage.

Our lives are accompanied by sounds and noises which we may find melodious, unpleasant, or even annoying. So optimizing noise levels, both at home and in the workplace, has a positive impact on our well-being and improves our performance and ability to concentrate. SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm was designed precisely with this in mind.

Coated or uncoated – SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm meets the requirements for sound absorption class E thanks to its sound-absorbing properties. It noticeably reduces reverberation and effectively improves room acoustics.

With a low flammability rating, SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm is particularly suitable for use in areas where fire protection plays an important role. Not many wall coverings can claim that.

Many rooms are often not heated continuously throughout the day. So it’s very pleasant if the temperature can be brought up to a comfortable level quickly. SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm traps warm air in the room so that it doesn't escape into the walls as quickly; this allows the room temperature to rise more rapidly and means that less heating is needed. But unlike internal insulation, SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm does not interfere with the natural heat circulation so that walls can breathe more freely due to the high water vapor permeability.

SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm bridges cracks and provides lasting protection against new damage. At the same time, it is easy to cut and as simple to use as traditional glass fiber wall coverings. And even when painted with standard emulsion paint, the acoustic fabric remains effective. Its natural high-quality components make it environmentally friendly and non-toxic: AcousTherm carries an A+ zero emissions rating.

Despite being just 3.0 mm thick, SYSTEXX Active AcousTherm achieves a sound absorption coefficient of αw 0.25 (H) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 354, which puts it in sound absorption class E. At λ(10)= 0.040 [W/(m*K)], its thermal conductivity is equivalent to that of mineral wool.

Its thermal resistance value R is rated at 0.06 [m²*K/W]. Testing according to DIN 4108-3 provided no evidence of condensation.

Improves room acoustics

Reaction-to-fire: B-s1, d0 – extremely flame retardant

Crack bridging

Extremely abrasion and scrub-resistant

Impact and perforation resistant


Suitable for allergy sufferers

Made in Germany

Installation video