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Retirement home, Bad Berneck/DE

SYSTEXX glass fabric used to redecorate a retirement home

Walls in medical and care facilities are subjected to particularly high levels of wear and tear and redecoration has to be carried out without too much disruption to day-to-day operations.

Initial situation: Cracks in the walls, scrapes from walking frames and wheelchairs, home needed to stay open

The retirement home project posed a number of problems: many of the walls were cracked, there were numerous cracks in the plaster on the door frames of the heavy-duty doors and fire doors and, despite the urgent need for renovation, day-to-day life in the residential home had to continue as usual. The residents needed to be able to move around with as little disruption as possible despite the work.

Another requirement was that the wall covering should prevent scrape marks caused by walking frames and wheelchairs – particularly in the cafeteria – and protect the walls.

Solution: SYSTEXX by Vitrulan glass fabric

The home eventually opted for SYSTEXX glass fabric, which was capable of resolving all the problems. The corridors were redecorated using SYSTEXX Active Reno S38 renovation fabric. Thanks to Aqua technology, this was achieved during the day without any disruption to normal day-to-day life in the home.

SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 004 (now named SYSTEXX Pure Jute 004) with R-factor was chosen for the cafeteria. R-factor makes the fabric three times more abrasion and scrub and resistant (12,000 scrub cycles). Magnetically active SYSTEXX Active Magnetic M22 was used in some additional areas, and these walls are now used as display surfaces.

The result: No cracks, no scape marks, tidy display boards

The residents are delighted with the modern appearance created by the attractive wall covering in the cafeteria, and the new display surfaces where projects, news and other information are displayed with the help of magnets.

The owners and managers are enthusiastic about the fact that the walls are now protected against cracks and scrape marks, which will lengthen the redecoration cycle and reduce maintenance costs.



Seniorenhaus Bad Berneck GmbH
Otto-Schicker-Straße 3
95460 Bad Berneck, Germany


SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 004
(now named SYSTEXX Pure Jute 004)
SYSTEXX Active Reno S38
SYSTEXX Active Magnetic M22


400 m²

Quick and easy to hang thanks to Aqua Technology

Quick and easy to hang thanks to Aqua Technology

Reaction-to-fire: B-s1, d0 – extremely flame retardant

Suitable for allergy sufferers

Extremely abrasion and scrub-resistant

Wall reinforcing and crack bridging

Made in Germany

Non-hazardous to health: Oeko-Tex certified