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The interior designers and architects that make up the judging panel for the AIT Innovation Award Architecture + Office 2020 have made their decision: Cleaneo SYSTEXX System has won an award!

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Picture: SilkeSteinrathsPhotography

This is the eleventh time that the architectural journals AIT and XIA by AIT in cooperation with the ORGATEC/Koelnmesse GmbH trade fair have presented the Innovation Award Architecture + Office. The award is aimed at designers and manufacturers of innovative materials and products. It is intended to highlight the importance of the architectural quality of office furniture and accessories, lighting, flooring and other products used in office buildings, since it is this very quality that provides a sound basis for creating a productive working environment. Among the numerous products on the market, the award singles out those which best meet the requirements of interior designers and architects. The award recognizes conceptual solutions for selected projects and products which stand out in terms of both form and functionality. Other important assessment criteria are the authenticity of the materials and the variety of possible applications.

On 29 October 2020, the jury of renowned architects and interior designers announced the winners from the 44 products submitted. In total, two innovation awards, two special awards and five other prizes were awarded – and the Cleaneo SYSTEXX System was among the winners.

The system comprising a perforated acoustic board (Knauf Gips KG) covered with a sound-permeable wall covering (Vitrulan) allows smooth, homogenous ceiling surfaces to be created that achieve the desired level of acoustic performance. This innovative development will provide more scope for creativity in modern room design while at the same time facilitating outstanding room acoustics.