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V4heat GmbH becomes new member of the Vitrulan Group

Marktschorgast, 29 October 2018 – The Vitrulan Group has established an additional company, which will enable it to capture new business segments and take another major step towards the future. The newly founded V4heat GmbH develops and sells intelligent infrared heating systems. And Vitrulan is remaining true to its versatile material “glass”: V4heat surface heating solutions are based on glass mesh fabrics similar to those it produces and uses as reinforcement fabrics in construction.

[Translate to English:] Bild: Ralf Barthmann, einer der beiden Geschäftsführer der V4heat GmbH und Thomas Becher, Business Development Manager

For years the Vitrulan Group has produced extremely robust wall coverings made of glass along with a wide range of technical textiles, which are also usually glass-based. V4heat will expand the existing range and the group’s architecture with another supporting pillar for the future.

Combined with modern control technology and based on infrared radiation, this heating system is extremely economical and can even enable cost-neutral heating in conjunction with a photovoltaic and energy storage system. Engineered for a virtually infinite number of heating possibilities, they can be used to heat walls, ceilings or floors, to renovate mold-infested areas or prevent mold growth, to keep the garage driveway free from ice, and this system even scores in agricultural applications.

Bulky heating systems that are difficult to install are a thing of the past with V4heat. The heating fabric is simply embedded in the plaster behind the wall or ceiling covering or floor tiles and becomes invisible after installation. Only the intuitive control panel can be seen afterwards. It can also be controlled via a smartphone app and integrated into a home automation system.