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Elementary School, Kirchheim/DE

Elementary School in Kirchheim, Germany

SYSTEXX by Vitrulan wall and ceiling coverings are flame retardant and sturdy. They protect the walls and can even turn them into magnetic presentation areas. Two different designs of glass-based wall coverings were used at Kirchheim’s elementary school on Martin Luther Street.

Initial situation: Search for functional wall design suitable for children

The Kirchheim elementary school on Martin Luther Street opened its doors on September 14, 1982. Since that time, children from the first to fourth grades have been taught there. The whole atmosphere of the school is friendly. Its classrooms are bright and lovingly decorated. The school is known for its willingness to give new things a try. New techniques (e.g., an interactive school blackboard) have been tested regularly. Renovation work has been going on since 2010 to make the school even more modern. “We were looking for a form of wall design that was innovative and robust and also suitable for children,” said Waltraud Lutz-Neugebauer, the commissioned architect.

The solution: SYSTEXX Premium 004 (now named SYSTEXX Pure Jute 004) and Active Magnetic M39

Within two construction phases during 2011, 800 m² of SYSTEXX Premium 004 and 500 m² of Active Magnetic M39 were used as wall coverings in the classrooms and halls. Premium 004 (now named SYSTEXX Pure Jute 004) is made with Jacquard weaving techniques which give the wall covering stability. Functions such as resistance to impacts, tear reinforcement and fire safety as well as resistance to cleaning and disinfectant agents have been tested by the German TÜV institute and will retain these functionalities over the entire life cycle of the wall covering. SYSTEXX Active Magnetic M39 has a paramagnetic back. Magnets adhere directly to the glass fabric. Posters, reminders and pictures can be attractively presented and quickly replaced.

The result: A stable and practical solution

Whether being bumped by book bags, tables or chairs – a studier wall covering than for instance cellulose fleece or vinyl is a definite advantage for schools. SYSTEXX Premium 004 (now named SYSTEXX Pure Jute 004) can take stress and also offers ecological advantages. If pupils accidentally glue their pictures and drawings to the wall with jelly, the pollutant and food regulatory harmlessness of this glass fabric would even allow you to lick the “glue” right off the wall. SYSTEXX Active Magnetic M39 can also call these functional and ecological properties its own. The magnet fabric creates a practical surface which is both homogenous and safe. The M39 surface is not conductive and so-called “fault or leakage current” is impossible. The use of cell phones and WLAN is not affected. “We are excited about SYSTEXX glass fabrics! They protect school walls for a long time and, with their magnetic fabric, they give children a way to hang their work on the walls quickly and easily,” exclaims Frauke Schubel, headmistress of Kirchheim’s elementary school on Martin Luther Street.



Elementary School of Kirchheim (Grundschule Kirchheim) an der Martin-Luther-Straße
Martin-Luther-Straße 2
Postfach 1224
85551 Kirchheim bei München, Germany


SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 004
(now named SYSTEXX Pure Jute 004)
SYSTEXX Active Magnetic M39


500 m² + 800 m²


Lutz-Neugebauer/Baumann Architekten und Stadtplaner
Weidenmühle 1
97348 Willanzheim, Germany

Quick and easy to hang thanks to Aqua Technology

Quick and easy to hang thanks to Aqua Technology

Reaction-to-fire: B-s1, d0 – extremely flame retardant

Resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents (in combination with the corresponding coating systems)


Suitable for allergy sufferers

Water vapor permeable

Impact and perforation resistant

Extremely abrasion and scrub-resistant

Wall reinforcing and crack bridging

Made in Germany

Non-hazardous to health: Oeko-Tex certified