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Graf-Münster school, Bayreuth/DE

Glass fabric with R-factor protects high-traffic staircases

Schools are some of the highest-traffic public buildings. Day after day, hundreds of pupils go up and down the stairs and along the corridors carrying their school bags. The walls – and wall coverings – are bound to suffer.

Initial situation: Large-scale renovation in a limited time frame

The severely battered corridors and staircases at the GMG secondary school were in need of renovation. To avoid having to redecorate so frequently in the future, the school was looking for a scrub-resistant, durable wall covering. Moreover, the entire renovation of around 600m2 had to be completed in just three weeks during the summer holidays. After that, the school needed to be able to operate as usual without disruption.

Solution: SYSTEXX Premium 060 (now named SYSTEXX Pure Silk 060) +R-factor

A decision was soon taken to use glass fabric for the school’s staircases and corridors. The school eventually opted for SYSTEXX products with R-factor protection because of their extremely high durability. The R-factor coating makes the glass fabric three times more abrasion- and scrub-resistant. This makes the glass fabrics even more robust and durable, and therefore more cost-effective. The short time frame did not pose a problem, since with Aqua technology the adhesive is already on the back of the wall coverings and is simply activated with water.

The result: Renovated walls with a long renovation cycle

The school now not only has clean, modern wall surfaces, but can rest assured that this “new” feeling will last a long time. The glass fabric and R-factor coating provide optimum protection against abrasion and knocks and will reinforce the school’s historic masonry, preventing cracks appearing.



Graf-Münster-Gymnasium Bayreuth
Schützenplatz 12
95444 Bayreuth


SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 060
(now named SYSTEXX Pure Silk 060)


600 m²



Quick and easy to hang thanks to Aqua Technology

Quick and easy to hang thanks to Aqua Technology

Reaction-to-fire: B-s1, d0 – extremely flame retardant

Extremely abrasion and scrub-resistant

Impact and perforation resistant

Wall reinforcing and crack bridging

Resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents (in combination with the corresponding coating systems)

Made in Germany

Non-hazardous to health: Oeko-Tex certified