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LernLandSchaft, Röckingen/DE

The learning environment as the third teacher: SYSTEXX glass fabric modernizes educational buildings

Schools, nurseries and local authorities are always looking for innovative ways to improve their educational buildings – improvements that will contribute to the well-being of children and their teachers, support teaching and improve the facilities and condition of the rooms. In LernLandSchaft, a special model center for contemporary learning environments in Röckingen, near Ansbach in Bavaria, SYSTEXX is proving what is possible in practice.

Initial situation: Search for a practical wall covering

What started as an idealistic project now provides a livelihood for its founder, Karin Doberer. She provides advice to local authorities, architects, teachers and parents’ associations during tender and planning processes for new school buildings and renovations. The aim of LernLandSchaft is to instigate teaching environments that not only enable modern teaching methods, but actively support them. A particular focus of the project is on interior design. Flexibility, a healthy atmosphere and sustainability were the main selection criteria.

Solution: SYSTEXX by Vitrulan glass fabric put to the test

Modern SYSTEXX glass fabrics satisfy all these criteria and combine attractive designs with extremely hard-wearing qualities. They are quick and easy to hang during normal operations, multi-functional thanks to a magnetic backing and white board finish, reinforce walls when refurbishing old buildings, and create corporate identity through individual woven logo designs.

The result: Walls with a range of features



Röthof 1
91740 Röckingen, Germany


SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 060
(now named SYSTEXX Pure Silk 060)
SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 053
SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 050
(now named SYSTEXX Phantasy Bamboo 050)
SYSTEXX Active Logo L65
SYSTEXX Active Magnetic M22


Korbinian Meitinger
Röthof 1
91740 Röckingen, Germany

Quick and easy to hang thanks to Aqua Technology

Quick and easy to hang thanks to Aqua Technology

Reaction-to-fire: B-s1, d0 – extremely flame retardant

Extremely abrasion and scrub-resistant

Impact and perforation resistant

Made in Germany

Non-hazardous to health: Oeko-Tex certified