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Daycare center, Fichtelberg/DE

Learning should be fun! SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard at the Fichtelberg daycare center

On any given day you will find around 85 children in four different groups playing, learning and having fun at the daycare center in the Upper Franconian town of Marktschorgast. And this works best in an environment optimally designed for this purpose.

Initial situation: Modernizing the space with innovative materials

The metal and cork pin boards served the daycare center well for many years, but they are a little worse for wear these days. Silke Achatz is the daycare center manager. She wanted to take a completely new approach to the renovations: the idea was to reduce the risk of children injuring themselves with pins and use the surfaces both for play and as info boards for daycare staff and parents.

Solution: SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard

Ultimately, the daycare center chose the new SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard. This innovative presentation space combines the advantages of a write-on/wipe-off surface with those of a magnetic board. Children are free to be creative, draw on walls and hang up pictures and colorful magnets – all without the danger of injuring themselves on sharp pins or thumbtacks.

The magnetic whiteboard surface offers parents and daycare staff a clearly arranged, up-to-date bulletin board.

The solution is as simple to install as it is versatile: the interactive surface can be put up just like conventional wallpaper. The magnetically active back ensures that magnets stick to the visible side and a special whiteboard coating on the front offers the ideal write-on/wipe-off surface. The installation surface does not require any special coating or finishing, allowing the children to get right back to having fun and discovering the new walls.

Result: Creative freedom for kids and support for parents and teachers

The SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard was used in several different areas of the daycare center:

A large part of the entrance was covered with a “play street”. This is a great place for older and younger children to draw, hang up pictures and decorate the walls however they like.

The center also offers a homework room for first through fourth graders, which features a large SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard installation. It is perfect for explaining ideas and answering questions that come up during homework sessions. Children use the boards to work on math problems and writing exercises, just like a chalkboard at school.

Teachers and parents also received their own areas for posting information. From field trip announcements to flyers seeking missing stuffed animals: all the latest news can easily be found here.



Fichtelberg daycare center St. Elisabeth
Jahnstraße 2
95686 Fichtelberg


SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard

Reaction-to-fire: C-s1, d0 (Magnetic Whiteboard)

Resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents (in combination with the corresponding coating systems)


Suitable for allergy sufferers

Water vapor permeable

Impact and perforation resistant

Extremely abrasion and scrub-resistant

Wall reinforcing and crack bridging

Made in Germany

Non-hazardous to health: Oeko-Tex certified