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Condominium, Kulmbach/DE

V4heat surface heating provides a cost-effective alternative

Good-bye gas heating, hello infrared heating – or: more living comfort at zero energy costs

V4heat surface heating provides a cost-effective alternative


Our latest project involves a classic second-floor condominium. The owners recently brought the 1970s house up to the latest energy standards: new windows, a large-scale photovoltaic system on the roof, a solar battery system in the basement, and renewal of the electrical wiring throughout the house.

The homeowning couple calculated their new power consumption and discovered that, thanks to solar energy, they were producing more electricity on their own roof than they usually need.

They immediately decided to convert this “surplus electricity” into living comfort and had a V4heat infrared surface heating system installed in their living room and office. The V4heat service team handled the calculation of the heating load and the specifications for positioning the heating tracks.

The sloping ceilings had to be renewed anyway due to new windows being put in, so the installation hardly caused any additional work: the painters were able to simply embed the heating fabric in the plastered surfaces, and the electrician then connected the heating tracks to the power. Once the wall covering had then been applied, the (additional) heating disappeared into the ceiling of the office and the sloping ceiling of the living room and became invisible.

“The radiant warmth of the new heating system is fantastic, especially when you sit almost motionless in front of the computer in the office for a long time,” enthuses the condo owner. “I no longer have cold fingers and feet and can focus completely on my work.” And in the living room, where the heating fabric is incorporated in the sloping ceiling above the dining table, the couple can now relax and socialize with friends without shivering – all this using the free and CO2 neutral electricity from their own battery system!



Condominium, Kulmbach, Germany


V4heat Room-System

Heated area

30 m²

Quantity of heating fabric embedded in (sloping) ceilings

22 m²