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Cozy warmth in new family home

Whole-house V4heat infrared surface heating system

In Germany, around 100,000 new homes are completed every year. This year, one of them belongs to the Bender family. They built a detached house and fulfilled their dream of owning their own home. During the planning phase, they were naturally faced with the question of which heating system to choose. “Our financial advisor suggested I look into infrared surface heating, and while doing so I came across V4heat,” the homeowner tells us, “I’m a mechatronics engineer, so I am very interested in technical installations and researched the various heating systems intensively.”

For the Bender family, one important aspect when deciding on a heating system was sustainability – they did not want to use fossil fuels at all, but a modern, electricity-based system, because a PV system including storage was already part of the plan. The heat pump, which was also under discussion, was finally rejected due to the initial costs being significantly higher and also the installation and maintenance requirements. Another point in favor of the V4heat heating system was the prospect of “no heating air”.

After the decision was made to opt for V4heat, a complete heating load calculation was made and an installation plan for the heating fabric tracks prepared. The installation of the heating fabric and the embedding in the enveloping surfaces (ceilings and walls) were carried out by a drywall builder. As a trained mechatronics engineer, Mr. Bender connected the tracks and did the wiring to the control unit in the mechanical room himself.

The homeowner, who is often away on business and stays in hotels, tells us that he finds the indoor climate in the new house very pleasant – but he now notices even more how unpleasantly dry the air is in hotels due to the convection heating they have.

“We really enjoy the radiant heat. The comfort zones with heated walls in the showers made possible with the heating fabric are also a small daily luxury that I appreciate very much,” explains Mr. Bender, “We would immediately decide in favor of infrared heating again, also because there are no radiators in the way when arranging furniture and we can control the heating via an app when we are away from home.”



Detached house
Neumarkt i.d.Opf. (Bavaria, Germany)


V4heat House-System

Living area

170 m²

Heated area

157 m²

Heating fabric installed in ceilings

155 m²