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Château du Lort, Yvrac/FR

SYSTEXX Comfort Glassfleece V22 creates smooth, homogeneous surfaces

SYSTEXX Comfort glass fabrics are classical designs. The look ranges from simple to robust. The adhesive has already been integrated on the back of the fabric for all designs and must only be activated with water. Aqua technology makes for quick and easy work and also guarantees a perfect surface result. Glass fleece V22 – such as was used in the French Château du Lort – produces a smooth, homogeneous surface.

Initial situation: Smooth walls desired after renovation

Built during the 17th century, Château du Lort is located in Yvrac on a more than 50 hectare estate near Bordeaux. The quarry stone chateau is built in the purist style of the mansions typical of the region at the time. In 1984 the former mansion was taken over by a new owner who had the chateau renovated and returned it to its earlier splendor. During 2010 the totally worn interior walls were completely redone. The owner and the building contractor both decided on SYSTEXX Comfort Glassfleece V22. “A smooth surface was one of the most important requirements of this project. Never in my life have I seen a glass-based wall covering with such a smooth surface as with V22 – not to mention a wall covering made of cellulose!” commented Bruno Capy of the CAPY painting company.

Solution: SYSTEXX Comfort Glassfleece V22

SYSTEXX Comfort Glassfleece V22 was used so as not to disturb the original appearance of the building. The joint tape made of glass filaments for walls and ceilings was used on a total of 2,000 square meters – in the rooms, the halls and the staircase. It offers technical advantages and its processing with Aqua technology is economical. V22 is coated with water-activatable adhesive on the back. This creates the perfect, uniform surface and saves time since paperhanging takes up to 40% less time than with traditional methods of processing.

Result: Looks like plaster or smooth plaster

After SYSTEXX Comfort Glassfleece V22 is hung, the non-structured wall covering looks like plaster or smooth plaster. However, it offers technical advantages such as fire safety and longevity and is also certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex standard 100, class 3. V22 is easy to apply with a double seam cut. No seams are visible.



Château du Lort
2 Route Montussan
33370 Yvrac


SYSTEXX Comfort Glassfleece V22


2.000 m²

Quick and easy to hang thanks to Aqua Technology

Quick and easy to hang thanks to Aqua Technology

Reaction-to-fire: B-s1, d0 – extremely flame retardant

Wall reinforcing and crack bridging

Impact and perforation resistant

Suitable for allergy sufferers

Made in Germany

Non-hazardous to health: Oeko-Tex certified