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Bayreuth Clinic, Emergency Room /DE

Two different products from the SYSTEXX family were used for the Bayreuth Clinic – Premium Exclusive 060 and Comfort Structure 635.

The Bayreuth Clinic selected two different products from the SYSTEXX family – Premium Exclusive 060 and Comfort Structure 635. The wall coverings which are woven from glass yarns offer decisive advantages for this kind of use.

Initial situation: Heavy use of the halls near the emergency room

This unit of the clinic is particularly busy every day of the week. Stretchers, hospital beds and medical equipment are pushed back and forth at high speeds. Dents, chips, tears and other signs of aging walls are normal. Renovation became necessary in 2011. “750 square meters were to be redone. We were primarily looking for ruggedness when we selected the wall covering. We wanted the walls to be well-protected from damage. And that’s why we chose the SYSTEXX by Vitrulan glass fabric,” said Karl-Heinz Greim, responsible project manager.

Solution: SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 060 and SYSTEXX Comfort Structure 635

SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 060 is made with the Jacquard weaving technique which gives the wall covering maximum stability. Its functions such as impact resistance tear reinforcement, resistance to cleaning and disinfection agents and the ability to be decontaminated have been tested and will retain their functionality over their entire life cycle. The second design, SYSTEXX Comfort Structure 635, impresses with its functional and ecological properties. “Comfort Structure 635 is pre-pigmented. In other words, a single coat is sufficient,” explains Jürgen Gubitz from the commissioned painting company Hersch & Gubitz from Bayreuth. Time and money are not only saved by the fact that a second coat is no longer necessary, but also by the use of Aqua technology. Water-activated adhesive has already been applied to the backs of both wall coverings. That makes processing faster than conventional methods and the result is perfect.

Result: Varied look and maximum durability

SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 060 was used as an alternative to plain plastered walls. The fine structure makes the coated fabric look almost smooth. This is combined with the SYSTEXX Comfort 635 wall covering which is woven in the classic way and gives off a feeling of timelessness. A wall which is just plastered could never offer the many advantages of strength which are offered by glass-based wall coverings. “We are very happy with the results. Functionally and design-wise, SYSTEXX was the best choice,” expresses Christiane Fräbel (press officer of the Bayreuth Clinic) her approval.



Bayreuth Clinic, Emergency Room
Preuschwitzerstraße 101
95445 Bayreuth, Germany


SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 060
SYSTEXX Comfort Structure 635


750 m²

Quick and easy to hang thanks to Aqua Technology

Quick and easy to hang thanks to Aqua Technology

Reaction-to-fire: B-s1, d0 – extremely flame retardant

Resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents (in combination with the corresponding coating systems)

Water vapor permeable

Suitable for allergy sufferers

Impact and perforation resistant

Wall reinforcing and crack bridging

Made in Germany

Non-hazardous to health: Oeko-Tex certified